Monday, April 11, 2011

They're the best.

The dogs were really interested in the oddly shaped strawberry Michael found when he was preparing for brunch on Sunday.

Michael dropped Pika, Nacho, and me off at the Arrowhead / Natural Well trailhead early Sunday morning, and we went on a hike while he grocery shopped!

This weekend we got serious about planting.  Specifically, we put four dogwood trees, one hydrangea, two yews, one bottlebrush buckeye, two flame buckeyes, two rhododendron, two mountain laurels, four deciduous azaleas, and a yaupon holly in the ground.  Michael and his stepfather Brad cut down a bunch of trash trees and bushes several weeks ago, clearing out enough room for us to plant some things we're excited about!  We also got a scoop of sifted topsoil and turned over our vegetable beds.

As far as the vegetable garden is concerned, we have swiss chard, radishes, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, thyme, and lavender in the ground.  The parsley, thyme, and lavender are from last year and are doing well!  I have high hopes for the radishes and swiss chard, but things are looking bleak for the broccoli and lettuce.  I'm going out to the garden to give them daily pep talks; I'll let you know how that goes.  

Monday, April 4, 2011

Michael's mom and stepdad came to visit Huntsville from Salt Lake City last week!  We ate lots of good food, did a TON of yard work, shopped, relaxed, and had lots of fun!  They were very good sports about helping us with all of our projects - Brad helped Michael chainsaw down some trees and Leslie and I planted vegetables.  They even went hiking with us!

Fun in the Stonecuts at Monte Sano State Park on Sunday!

I recently donated some clothes to Karma Rags in Huntsville's Lowe Mill, including a number of items my mom gave to me that she no longer used.  Among these donated pieces was the dress you see above, designed and sewn by my Aunt Georjean.  We were hesitant to let the dress go, but neither my mom nor I are bold enough fashionistas to pull it off.  I was thrilled when we went to Karma Rags last Saturday, and the dress was for sale!  I spoke with Cheryl, Karma Rags' owner, and she said not only was the dress a big hit in the store, but it was prominently featured in her recent fashion show at Lowe Mill!  I'm so happy that this special dress is being appreciated.

I couldn't help adding a few more pictures from our foggy hike from two weeks ago!