Monday, March 21, 2011

Quick rundown of recent accomplishments for my own records:

03/04 - 03/06 Weekend Accomplishments:
-  Jess biked in the rain and mud on Saturday, 03/05
-  Michael and Jess ran Upper Bear and Teddy Bear Creek on Sunday, 03/06

03/11 - 03/13 Weekend Accomplishments:
-  Michael boated on Johnnies Creek on Friday, 03/11
-  Walked dogs on Wildflower Trail (SO pretty)
-  Started building a new rock raised-bed
-  Ran/hiked 12 miles in preparation for upcoming race
-  Attended Huntsville Botanical Garden class on separating perennials
-  Planted hostas, irises, muhly grass, lemon balm, Joe-Pye weed, creeping phlox, miscanthus grass, sedum, and others

03/18 - 03/20 Weekend Accomplishments:
-  Michael dug up ten free dogwood trees he found on craigslist
-  Michael and Jess kayaked on Town Creek on Saturday, 03/19
-  Cut down lone black locust in garden (pictures to come!)
-  Repaired damage to raised beds that was the result of previous accomplishment
-  Burned stump of black locust (crazy fire inside the ground; hottest fire Michael's ever built)
-  Planted three blueberry bushes
-  Transplanted two parsley plants
-  Moved the majority of the wood pile to the street for the city to pick up
-  Stacked fire wood
-  Had friends over for dinner on Sunday, 03/20

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