Monday, January 10, 2011

We bought a 1946 mid-century modern house in Huntsville, Alabama in October 2009.  The original owners sold it to us.  They owned the only concrete company in Huntsville at the time and decided to build the house out of concrete; it's unusual for this area to say the least.  You can check out the real estate pictures here.  The house hadn't been well maintained for at least the last decade when we bought it - it hadn't been occupied for over four years.  Our first order of business was tearing out all the drywall in the den.  There was a hole in the exterior wall so large that ivy was growing inside the wall, and the drywall was so moldy it gave in when you touched it.  The smell was not so great.  We're almost finished completely refurbishing that room - all we're missing is the totally rebuilt sets of french doors (completed by Alan Harp Design).  Next up:  fix the flooding in the basement bedroom.


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