Sunday, February 6, 2011

We (well...mostly Michael) spent some time this afternoon starting where we'd left off on picking up litter on the unfinished portion of our yard, or as we call it, "the strip" (it's a narrow strip of land between two heavily trafficked roads).  This was our fist trash collection effort of 2011, and we have high hopes of getting the bulk of it done this year!  Last year Michael took over 1500 pounds of garbage out of the strip to the city dump (including the entire front end of a car!).  Lucky for us, two of those garbage carts provided by the city were among the items dumped on the strip recently, so getting rid of all the garbage we pick up has become three times as easy!  We were concerned about where these garbage carts had come from and whether or not we had an ethical obligation to call the city to come pick them up.  However, after discussing the issue with the mayor (our across-the-street neighbor) and getting his endorsement to keep the carts, we are moving forward with a clear conscience!  This week we have three full carts sitting next to the curb, containing everything from old steel beer cans to long, dirt-filled lengths of tubing previously used for city signage!

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